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Carman Elementary School Advisory Council for School Leadership


All Parents or Guardians of CES Students

are welcome at any ACSL meeting



There are lots of choices for ways you and and your children can spend your time.  One thing for sure, all your children go to school, and with that comes your desire for them to do their best, and hopefully enjoy school too.  That's were ACSL comes in; we as a parent board want to know what is going on inside the walls of CES. We want to have a voice with teachers, administration and the school board.  We want to be sure that all our kids are getting not only what they need at school, but perhaps something extra too.  To that end, ACSL works with the staff to offer those little extras that make kids happy!

Time is precious, but so are these early years.

Please consider spending some of your time with us. 

All parents are welcome at our meetings, so come learn what we can do if we all work together for our kids. 


ACSL is happy to announce our new board for the 2016/17 school year as follows:




Janice Beichter

Board members

Shannon Klassen 


Caddie Crampton

Leslie Pethybridge

Donna Wytinck


Leslie Rose

John Bergen

Jodie Cox

Lynne Billing


Krista McLean

Donna Vandersluis


Past Chair

Deana Hendricks



Lunch Program Co-ordinators:

Hot Dogs- Jodie Cox

Milk-Leslie Pethybridge

Pizza-Janice Beichter

Subway-Brenda Doell

If you have a concern about any lunch program, please contact the co-ordinator as soon as possible. 

If you would like to volunteer for these programs, or are interested in helping in anyway,

please contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator-Deana Hendricks



 Our goal is to enrich our children's education by becoming interactive parents; knowing the needs of students and staff, and being proactive in areas we can assist.  

We are interested in providing exciting opportunities in our school to compliment our children's learning environment, and encourage all-students and staff alike to reach their goals.  










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